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  • woman using the face electrode

    Stimulate collagen production & tighten skin

    The Tennant BioModulator uses microcurrent frequencies that improve circulation, stimulate cellular turnover, and aid in the transport of waste out of the cells. When it comes to your face, this is a vital step in enhancing skin elasticity, generating natural collagen, and therefore slowing signs of aging and stress.

  • man using the crystal wave

    Enhance performance and accelerate recovery

    With the microcurrent technology of the Tennant BioModulator, you can treat your body directly at the source by delivering energy to your cells, which will accelerate recovery as a result. The Tennant BioModulator can help reduce muscle soreness, relieve musculoskeletal tension, and relax your nervous system so you can perform your best and do what you love at any age.

  • woman using the y-electrode on the side of her neck while holding the biomodulator pro

    Reduce stress and anxiety

    By activating the parasympathetic nervous system with the BioModulator, we can signal our body to get out of fight or flight (stress) mode and return to a state of recovery.

  • woman laying down on a couch using the biotransducer pro on her head while holding a biomodulator pro

    Prolong REM sleep

    This nervous system reset can produce feelings of relaxation in the body and mind, reduce persistent anxiety and depression, improve your sleep quality, and restart the natural recovery processes of the body.

  • photo of a woman using the foot plates while working outside at a picnic table

    Improve cognitive functioning and brain focus

    The Tennant BioModulator and Tennant BioTransducer has the ability to stimulate the different lobes of the brain in order to help your brain achieve equilibrium, eliminate brain fog, increase memory, and encourage long-lasting brain health.

  • man using the crystal wave

    Relieve pain without medication

    The Tennant BioModulator uses microcurrent technology to engage the body’s natural resources and assist in the process of pain management & rehabilitation. Additionally, the Tennant BioModulator stimulates the body at the cellular level, restoring cellular metabolic activity in the area of treatment. This creates a reduction of pain and inflammation.

Backed by science.

The Tennant BioModulator devices have the clinical studies to prove it.

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BioModulator Technology: Explained​

  • woman using the biomodulator pro

    How does it work?​

    Tennant BioModulator devices contain unique frequency sets to produce microcurrent electrical impulses, which are transmitted by electrodes in the device through the skin to interface with the body’s internal peripheral nervous system for the purpose of therapeutic intervention.

    System feedback is the body's response to the stimulus, and the technology’s ability to detect, measure, analyze, and respond to the body. With each response, the electrical properties of the tissue change. The device detects the change and responds, resulting in the very next signal being modified. This is possible because of the development of modern high-speed microprocessors, which are able to establish a “cybernetic loop” between the electronic instrument and living body.

    The body’s response can be measured with respect to a signal sent out from the instrument to initiate the loop. When a signal is emitted and penetrates deep into the tissue, the impedance of the tissue modulates the next waveform. The degree of modulation is based upon the changes of impedance of skin as signals are applied. This sets up a constantly changing interactive bio-loop possessing non-repeating signals. Eventually, the change in impedance diminishes in significance until a plateau occurs.

  • woman using the biomodulator pro on her calf

    Why does it work?

    The body is continually influenced by external stimuli, which it reacts to in a way that maintains internal balance, or homeostasis. Because these stimuli are infinitely variable, no two stimuli are experienced in the same way.

    However, if pathological signals are experienced as repetitive, the body adapts to them and fails to recognize it has a problem. Blocking the brain’s ability to know that tissue is degenerating and painful is the normal mechanism-of-action of pain medications, TENS devices, implanted pain blockers and other commonly used pain therapies.

    The Tennant BioModulator modifies the pathological signal so the brain becomes aware of it, inputting electrical impulses, to increase voltage, that are never the same and cannot be adapted to, forcing the body to respond by making new cells. 

    Central nervous system involvement is reintroduced by neuropeptides that alter the regulatory pathway, breaking the repetitive pathological cycle and allowing cellular and organ recovery. The result is pain disappears because of healing, not because the brain doesn’t know the area no longer hurts.

    Read on below to learn more.

Tennant BioModulator Treatment Shown Through Waveforms in Body Tissue

  • tech 1 graphic

    1. First being treated

    In air, there is no conductivity between the electrodes. The output signal waveform appears as shown.

  • tech 2 graphic

    2. Midway through treatment

    The device immediately detects when the electrodes are placed on reactive tissue as shown.

    The passing of the pulsed sinusoidal waveforms causes the electrical properties of the tissue to change resulting in changes in the next applied signal.

  • tech3 graphic

    3. When tissue impedance diminishes and treatment stops

    In Assess mode, the device will ‘Ring’ when it detects the optimum characteristics.

    Tennant BioModulator technology measures this signal 24 million times per second to recognize this condition.