Stay On Your A-Game

Don’t let chronic pain prevent you from living an active lifestyle! The Tennant BioModulator® is a safe, drug-free alternative to pain relief for athletes and hobbyists alike.

The Tennant BioModulator® can help reduce muscle soreness, relieve musculoskeletal tension, and relax your nervous system so you can perform your best and do what you love at any age.

Pain Relief, Without Medication

Incorporate Tennant BioModulator® therapy into your daily routine to combat everyday pain and fatigue associated with exercise, or if you find yourself dealing with a specific injury and want to speed up the healing process.

Not only is voltage therapy effective, but it is also portable, convenient, and user-friendly. Dr. Tennant’s proprietary modes provide optimal recovery and are safe for anyone to use.

Whether you’re just getting back into exercise after a break, are recovering from an injury, or are looking to optimize performance overall, the Tennant BioModulator® is a revolutionary way to increase your energy and heal faster. 

What is a Tennant BioModulator®?

It is a battery-powered, easy to use, hand-held medical device for PAIN RELIEF that uses microcurrent technology to engage the body’s natural resources and assist in the process of pain management & rehabilitation.

Additionally, the Tennant BioModulator® stimulates the body at the cellular level through electrical impulses transmitted by electrodes in the device, restoring cellular metabolic activity in the area of treatment. This creates a reduction of pain and inflammation, because of the increased transport of nutrients into the cells and waste out of the cells.

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photo of the biomodulator plus with carrying case, y-electrode and white round foam conductive pads
woman using the round conductive pads on her back while holding the biomodulator plus
woman using the y-electrode on the side of her neck while holding the biomodulator pro

Basic Plus Package

Tennant BioModulator® Plus + Y-Electrode, conductive electrode pads, carrying case, and more! Everything you need to help your body recover.