Air Scrubber Air Purifier - White
Air Scrubber Air Purifier - White

Air Scrubber Air Purifier - White

Water / Air Filtration (NI):Air Scrubber - White
AirScrubber Air Purifier uses the new ZEPA Technology to silently combat respiratory issues by creating a contaminant free zone that utilizes no moving parts! By utilizing an electrodynamic laminar flow to circulate air, the AirScrubber can operate at optimal performance levels 24 hours a day while utilizing less energy than a small porch-light. What makes the AirScrubber stand out from the rest, is that it can remove dangerous particles from the air you breathe at a rate of 12,000 cubic feet per hour! That means 100% of the air in a 400 sq ft room is purified every hour!

AirScrubber Air Purifier Removes All Air Particulate, Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Dust, Pollen, VOC's

Delivers 12,000 cubic feet of clean air per hour

  • Fan-less silent technology  
  • Operates worldwide
  • 120 or 240V  
  • Dimensions 11” X 5” X 13”
  • Weight  2.2 lbs.
  • Available white
  • Price $699

Manufactured by SilentNight Quiet Pure Air

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