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Dual Slot Lithium 3.7V Battery Charger - For BioTransducer Pro® - OUT OF STOCK
Dual slot charger for the Interstate Lithium Rechargeable 3.7V Battery for the Tennant BioTransducer® Pro Includes 1 Dual Slot Charger and 1 Power Adapter Cord.
Lithium Rechargeable 3.7V Battery
Interstate Lithium Rechargeable Battery 1 Interstate Lithium "High Capacity" Rechargeable Battery for the Tennant BioTransducer® PRO. 18650 | Li-ion 3.7V | 2.6 Ah ***Never use rechargeable batteries in your Tennant BioModulator® PLUS or BioModulator® PRO Device!
Pendulum that Dr. Tennant incorporates into the Polarity Protocols and for doing emotional release therapy.
Banana Bridge Wire
One set of Banana Clip Adapter wires to allow one to use both the Hand Grips and Foot Plates simultaneously. These Banana Bridge Adapters will work with either stereo or 4 pin-port Banana Clip wires. You will receive 1 red and 1 black banana bridge wire.
Large Black Carry Case
The case has a shoulder strap and multiple pockets with a soft interior that you can use to Velcro your items in place. Outside zipper pocket perfect for storing extra batteries, alcohol pads, and wires. “Store and Go” with your Tennant BioModulator® or BioTransducer® CrystalWave and all of your accessories in one easy-to-access location. Measures 8.5” x 11” x 2”.
Conductive Pads - Sensitive Skin Blue Gel 1.75 x 3.75
Conductive Pads - Sensitive Skin - 1.75 x 3.75 4 Pads / Pkg – 3.75” x 1.75” rectangle, skin sensitive
Professional Protective Case
Protective Case has cut-outs that will hold; either of the Tennant BioModulator® (Plus or Pro), an extra slot for a BioTransducer® CrystalWave, a slot for the Pencil Electrode, a slot for the Y Electrode, and a slot for the Scalp Electrode. One compartment for letter-sized papers, and two pouches with Velcro closings.
Conductive Pads - 3
Conductive Pads -3" White Foam - 4 Pads / Pkg – 3” round
Conductive Pads - 3x5
Conductive Pads - 3 x 5 White Foam 2 Pads / Pkg – 3” x 5” rectangle
Floor Stand
Microphone stand modified to fit the BioTransducer®. Heavy-duty base prevents toppling. Boom arm and gooseneck extensions assist in modifying angle and easy adjustment of the BioTransducer® to focus at area of treatment. Allows hand-free treatment.
4pin Power Damper
For those who are sensitive to the frequency signals. This will dampen the current by 50% when used with pads and other external attachments. Use with the PLUS unit.
Flexible Blue Electrode
One of Dr. Tennant’s favorites! Made of a flexible conductive material. Easily carried in the pocket of the small carry case. Convenient for treating small areas of the body.
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