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ODOROX Slimline The Slimline unit is finely tuned to treat bacteria, allergens, viruses, and chemicals commonly associated with Sick Building Syndrome. The unit is ideal for medical offices, long- term-care facility usage, commercial offices, and residential homes or apartments. The unit is designed to decontaminate up to a 1500 sq. ft. of space.
Energetic signals are captured and imprinted electronically; therefore, energetic imprints do not contain any molecules of any substance other than water and a small amount of alcohol. To be used with the Tennant BioModulator® PLUS/PRO and BioTransducer® CrystalWave/PRO to infuse the remedy energetically into the body.
Mini Personal Harmonizer
Portable multipurpose unit designed to neutralize EMFs. Produces a 7.83 Hz field (Schumann Resonance), covering a personal area size of 9 sq. feet, and effectively overcomes negative EMF fields. Can be carried in pocket or purse near you.
Clearly Clean Showerhead - OUT OF STOCK
Exposure to vaporized toxic chemicals in the water supplied through showering, bathing, and inhalation is 100 times greater than through drinking chlorinated water. The 5-spray setting shower head removes up to 99% of harmful chlorine. Chlorine from tap water can enter your body in several ways including absorption. You also inhale chloroform, a byproduct of chlorine, when you take a hot shower or bath. Having a filtered shower head is one of the least expensive methods to protect yourself and your family from chlorine and its harmful by-products.
Clearly Clean Showerhead Replacement Filter
Replacement filter cartridge for pH Prescription Shower Head. Replace cartridge every 6-9 months.
Finely Filtered Multi-Phase Drinking System
This Naturally Alkaline Water Counter Top Processor utilizes Tourmaline Ceramic, which when combined with water, emits Far-infrared rays to produce structured water. Far-infrared rays are known for their powerful healing and detoxifying effects on organisms. The purified and activated water has smaller water clusters, which are more efficient at protecting cells. Installs without tools, fits any standard faucet, adapters included compact, light and economical swivel chromed spout sealed construction for purified alkaline water with easy hookup, easy to use, without permanent installation. Approx. 3000 gallon use.
Finely Filtered Multi-Phase Drinking System - Replacement Cartridge
This is the REFILL cartridge only for the Counter Top Water Filter. You will remove & reuse your spout and tubing from your original Counter Top for reuse with this Refill Cartridge. Removes 97% Fluoride.
Healing is Voltage™ - The Handbook, 3rd Edition
Dr. Tennant's Healing is Voltage™ is now available in a compact handbook! A tireless researcher and medical practitioner, Dr. Tennant has been on a life-long mission to find better ways to have and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Whether you suffer from a chronic illness and/or intractable pain, a health care provider who wants to do more for patients, or want to stay in good health ---- this book was written for you!
Healing is Voltage™ - Healing Eye Diseases
Healing Eye Diseases is part of the Healing is Voltage™ Series. Many eye diseases like macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, and uveitis are believed to be incurable. This book discusses how healing eye diseases is possible.
Healing is Voltage™ - The Textbook
In this comprehensive volume, Dr. Tennant shares the very personal story of his own ''death sentence'' from conventional Western medicine. Believing there had to be some way to restore his health, he began the most important research of his life, to find out what would work to make him well. This book documents that journey and will take you step-by-step into understanding how your body works and what it needs to get well. (2007, pre-publication version)
Healing is Voltage™ - Acupuncture Muscle Batteries: An Atlas
Presented in Atlas format with generous color illustrations and diagrams, this companion volume to Dr. Tennant’s Healing is Voltage™—The Handbook (3rd Edition) and Healing is Voltage™ - Healing Eye Diseases is the next essential reference in this series for practitioners, lay professionals and individuals on the journey path to better health.
The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution
Nitric Oxide is a miracle molecule that can dramatically improve health, along with a complete diet program, nutritional supplementation, exercise and everyday lifestyle changes to boost nitric oxide levels in your body.
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