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Neo 40 Professional 60 ct
Nitric oxide is the master hormone of the body and controls many of the body’s functions, especially circulation and the ability to get oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Nitric oxide deficiency plays a significant role in the development of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and elevated blood fats (metabolic syndrome).
Pneuma Nitric Oxide™ Skin Serum
Loss of Nitric Oxide with aging leads to increased signs of aging including poor complexion, loss of barrier function, and increased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, in people that have lost the ability to produce Nitric Oxide by the cells in the skin, Nitric Oxide has to be produced for them. Pneuma Nitric Oxide™ Activating Skin Serum is a patent-pending, innovative dual chamber technology that produces Nitric Oxide gas when the contents of both chambers are mixed together. That is the beauty of the Pneuma Nitric Oxide™ Skin Serum. If your body cannot produce Nitric Oxide, Pneuma does it for you.

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