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Banana Bridge Wire
One set of Banana Clip Adapter wires to allow one to use both the Hand Grips and Foot Plates simultaneously. These Banana Bridge Adapters will work with either stereo or 4 pin-port Banana Clip wires. You will receive 1 red and 1 black banana bridge wire.
4pin Power Damper
For those who are sensitive to the frequency signals. This will dampen the current by 50% when used with pads and other external attachments. Use with the PLUS unit.
Stereo Connection 1/1 Lead Wire
Wires plug into side stereo accessory port (round hole for port).
Stereo Electrode Connection Wire 2.5 (round hole for port)
External Electrode Accessory Connection Wire for use with Scalp, Pencil and Large Body Tissue Electrode.
4pin Connection 1/1 Lead wire
2 Lead connection wires to plug into 4PIN BioModulator® accessory port.
4pin Connection Wire 2/2 Lead Wire
4 Lead connection wires plug into 4PIN BioModulator® accessory port.
4pin to 2.5 Port Adapter Wire
4PIN Adapter for the new 4PIN accessory port.
4pin Lead Wire
Single lead replacement wire for 4PIN BioModulator® port for use with the scalp, pencil and large body tissue electrode.
BioTransducer® Wire 4pin to RCA Wire
Heavy-duty replacement wire for use with the BioTransducer® with the 4PIN accessory BioModulator® port.
4pin R/B Banana 2.5 Connect Wire
4-Pin Port replacement wire for Banana Clip Accessory Wire for DUO Drumsticks, Hand Grips, and Foot Plate Electrodes.

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