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Energetic signals are captured and imprinted electronically; therefore, energetic imprints do not contain any molecules of any substance other than water and a small amount of alcohol. To be used with the Tennant BioModulator® PLUS/PRO and BioTransducer® CrystalWave/PRO to infuse the remedy energetically into the body.
PhoneSoap XL - Medical Grade Sanitizing
Four powerful UV-C lamps in PhoneSoap XL produce a very specific wavelength of light which encompasses the BioModulator® and BioTransducer®. The light then passes through the cell walls of bacteria and viruses on devices to impair their DNA. Once the DNA is compromised, the cells die and can no longer cause infections or disease. The best part is that PhoneSoap XL is big enough to sanitize anything from your BioModulator®, BioTransducer® and any accessories, to baby bottles and pacifiers, cell phones and tablets, remote controls, wallets, and even make-up bags!
Thera360 Plus Portable Sauna
Thera360 Plus Portable Sauna (Pearl White)

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