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Three Gifts Essential Oil
Three Gifts (Frankincense, Myrrh, "Gold" as Balsam Fir and Turmeric) supports uplifting feelings and help ease stress and anxiety. Dr. Tennant’s Three Gifts was designed in the spirit of the Bible Story of the three gifts the Wise Men brought to the baby Jesus: Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold. In this proprietary blend, Gold is represented by Balsam Fir and Tumeric to complete the essential oils blend.
Soreness Essential Oil
Dr. Tennant's Soreness Blend is designed to help in reducing soreness related to muscles, ligaments, and bones. This blend includes Birch and Lemongrass.
Helichrysum Blend Essential Oil
Helichrysum Blend Essential Oil (Clary Sage [Salvia sclarea], Elemi [Canarium luzonicum], Roman Chamomile [Chamaemelum nobile], Idaho Tansy [Tanacetum vulgare], Birch [Betula lenta], Ylang Ylang [Cananga odorata]) assists in variety of issues including hearing loss, Tinnitus, blood pressure and blood clots, heart and liver issues, circulation, eczema, and scar tissue among others.
Magnesium Malate
Dr. Tennant's Magnesium Malate not only provides the numerous benefits that supplementing with Magnesium can provide, but it also contributes to the benefits of Malic acid (apple acid). Malic acid is a nutrient found to contribute to the process of transforming food into ATP, the body's energy source.
Microbiome Support (previously GI UltraMAX Pro®)
Dr. Tennant's Microbiome Support was developed to help provide the tools necessary to support a healthy GI Tract and Microbiome. With its researched and clinically-proven ingredients, Dr. Tennant's Microbiome Support supports important aspects of GI health.
Activated Bamboo Charcoal
For internal cleansing and to promote a healthy digestive system, Dr. Tennant’s Activated Bamboo Charcoal is like a cleansing sponge with its millions of tiny pores soaking up and trapping toxins and impurities as it moves down the GI tract detoxifying everything in its path. Activated charcoal is a fine, odorless, black powder often used in emergency rooms to treat overdoses because of its toxin-absorbing properties. The body is unable to absorb charcoal, so it is eliminated along with all the bound toxins it finds as it moves through the GI tract.
Pelvis KI/BL - Fear
Uniquely designed by Dr. Tennant, Pelvis KI/BL is a BioTerminal® oil that provides essential oils to help facilitate health in the pelvis and to help reduce feelings of fear.
Sweet Dreams Essential Oil
Sweet Dreams Essential Oil assists with insomnia and general inability to sleep. This blend helps relax the body and mind for a natural, restful night sleep.
Clove Essential Oil
Clove Essential Oil (Clove Bud, specifically Eugenia caryophyllata) assists with minor aches and pains and supports oral health as well as respiratory and lymphatic function. May assist in the following: anticoagulant, antioxidant, antiseptic, blood thinning (hemostatic), bronchitis, cholera, colitis, cystitis, digestion, fatigue, gum disease, inflammation, immune support, infections, joints, mouth ulcers, muscle and nerve pain, oral infection, parasites, respiratory issues, ringworm, sinus, skin issues, stress and tension, virus, warts, wounds.
Neck LU/LI - Grief
Neck LU/LI - Grief is a BioTerminal® oil that provides essential oils to help facilitate health in the neck and to help reduce feelings of grief.
Breath of Life
Breath of Life Essential Oils has been used to assist in respiratory-related issues and creates a feeling of well-being and renewed optimism.
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