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Conductive Pads - 2x2
4 Pads / Pkg – 2” x 2” square, "professional" white foam - self-stick.
Desk Top Stand
This tabletop/desktop model stand is a microphone stand modified to fit the BioTransducer®. It allows adjustment to the BioTransducer® to point at the area of treatment. It also allows for hands-free treatment.
Body Tissue Conductive Clips - Pair
Body Tissue Conductive Clips. Designed for therapy on loose skin.
Conductive Pads - 3
Conductive Pads - 3" round "clinical" white spun lace. 4 Pads / Pkg – 3” round, "clinical" white spun lace - self-stick.
Duo (Drumstick) Electrodes-Pair
Duo (Drumstick) Electrodes - Pair | Stimulate meridians with the hands or on separate points.
Conductive Pads - 3x5
2 Pads / Pkg – 3” x 5” rectangle, "clinical" white spun lace - self-stick
Conductive Pads - Sensitive Skin Blue Gel 1.75 x 1.75
4 Pads / Pkg – 1.75” x 1.75” square, skin sensitive
Stereo Connection 1/1 Lead Wire
Wires plug into side stereo accessory port (round hole for port).
Bell-Shaped Electrode (Female)
Personal-use electrodes designed for females with incontinence issues.
Stereo Electrode Connection Wire 2.5 (round hole for port)
External Electrode Accessory Connection Wire for use with Scalp, Pencil and Large Body Tissue Electrode.
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