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Ultimate Arm / Leg Sleeve (SALE - NO RETURNS/EXCHANGES)
Specially manufactured patented conductive cloth for the arms & legs that has silver threads interwoven for a widespread effect.
$150.00 $75.00
Ultimate Neck Wrap (DISCONTINUED, while supplies last, NO RETURNS/EXCHANGES)
The Ultimate Neck Wrap has Velcro-stick electrodes.
$250.00 $100.00
Conductive Pads - 1.375
Conductive Pads for the BioModulator® devices.
$10.00 $6.50
Face Electrode (with FREE wire)
A smaller version of the BioModulator® electrode, this electrode has many valuable functions for self-therapy.
Conductive Pads - 2x2
4 Pads / Pkg – 2” x 2” square, "clinical" white spun lace - self-stick.
$10.00 $6.50
Sleeve Protector for Wires
Pencil-Type Electrode (Angle) With FREE Wire
This accessory electrode can be used on smaller points of the body, around the mouth, ears, fingers, etc. The Pencil Electrode has a 30º angled-head and ergonomic handle; great for acupuncturists and to use for assessing points. The wire is included.
Scalp Electrode (Brush Style) With FREE Wire
Used on the scalp or areas of the body that would otherwise need to be shaved. Great for animals with fur! Fits in your hand like a small brush. Wire Included.
Y Electrode (Large Body Electrode) With FREE Wire
The Large Body Tissue Electrode is great for working on the back, neck, arms, legs and more.
Stereo BioTransducer to RCA Wire
Wires plug into side stereo accessory port (round hole for port).
Acupuncture Pin Clip Adapter RB Wire
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