Integrative Health Conference Ticket
Integrative Health Conference Ticket

Integrative Health Conference Ticket

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The Integrative Health Conference 2020 (IHC) is a 3-day health and wellness conference that begins Thursday evening with a 2-hour keynote presentation that introduces participants to Healing is Voltage, as well as explains how the body works, why chronic disease occurs, and how to use Dr. Tennant’s teachings and Dr. Tennant's Health System to live the life you’ve always wanted.

This conference is more than just an introduction to Dr. Tennant and his philosophies. It is a full immersion into a holistic, wellness-focused, lifestyle. This conference is packed with keynote speakers that discuss many different topics such as:

  • What a body needs to be healthy 
  • What is needed to make a new cell 
  • Effects of low voltage in the body
  • Dental connection to wellness
  • Body's ability to eliminate toxins
  • Negative impact of dehydration 
  • Hypothyrodism
  • Use of Essential Oils 
PLEASE NOTE: There is a 3% cancellation fee for all conferences. Alternatively, you may move your ticket to another conference date. 
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