Dr. Tennant's® Restore Professional Formula 5-Serving Travel Size - Vanilla
Dr. Tennant's® Restore Professional Formula 5-Serving Travel Size - Vanilla

Dr. Tennant's® Restore Professional Formula 5-Serving Travel Size - Vanilla

Splmnts & Oils:Restore Prof Travel - Vanilla

Convenient for Travel! Within TSA carry on volume, this is a 5-Serving size of Dr. Tennant's Restore Professional Formula - Vanilla. 

Dr. Tennant's® Restore Professional is still the same comprehensive biologically-active formula with natural ingredients to make new cells and now has three new updates to the original formula. 

Added Vitamin B12 - In addition to the methylcobalamin in Dr. Tennant’s® Restore Professional, we have added additional methylated B12 in the form of Adenosylcobalamin. Adenosylcobalamin supports methylation at the cellular level, specifically helping in the energy creation process (ATP). 

Updated Vitamin E - Vitamin E Delta Gold Tocotrienols are the best source for Vitamin E available. Vitamin E, especially DeltaGold® Tocotrienols have been shown to have an increase in availability when metabolized when compared to mixed tocopherols. In the spirit of continuing to provide the highest quality ingredients we chose to make this change to update the bioavailability and increase absorption.

Reduced Protein - Whey Protein has been reduced from 29 grams to 22 grams. Considering the bioavailability and totality of the sum of amino acids and protein compounds, we chose to make this change to ensure enhanced bioavailability while still maintaining a significant source of high-quality whey protein to rebuild and recover at the cellular level. 

Blend with organic fruits and veggies in your favorite smoothie or simply mix with organic almond, coconut, skim milk or juice. 

  • Amplified vitamin and mineral daily values to support busy and stressful daily life and/or wellness challenges
  • Vitamin B12 - Adenosylcobalamin and Methylcobalamin to ensure two methylated forms of Vitamin B12 are present
  • 22g of Natural Organic Whey Protein Formula from grass fed, hormone and BSE free cows*
  • Vitamin E - DeltaGold® Tocotrienols to support better bioavailability 
  • Prebiotics, Dietary Fiber, Amino Acids, and Omega 3 formulas for digestion and to support growth and health of beneficial bacterial colonies
  • Pregnenolone to support natural hormone development in the body
  • Colostrum for boosting the immune system and repairing the nervous system*
  • SAMe and Lithium Orotate for well-being, brain health and to help produce and regulate hormones and maintain cell membranes**
  • No Sugar added. 
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