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Tennant BioTransducer® Pro
Conductive Pads - Monkey Full Face
Conductive Pads - Monkey Face is a clinical-grade cloth face mask.
Stereo Electrode Connection Wire 2.5 (round hole for port)
External Electrode Accessory Connection Wire for use with Scalp, Pencil and Large Body Tissue Electrode.
Conductive Pads - Zorro Eye Mask
Eye Mask (Zorro mask) are clinical grade cloth conductive pads.
4pin Connection 1/1 Lead wire
2 Lead connection wires to plug into 4PIN BioModulator® accessory port.
4pin Connection Wire 2/2 Lead Wire
4 Lead connection wires plug into 4PIN BioModulator® accessory port.
4pin to 2.5 Port Adapter Wire
4PIN Adapter for the new 4PIN accessory port.
Ultimate Glove
Specially manufactured patented conductive cloth glove that has silver threads interwoven for a widespread effect.
4pin Lead Wire
Single lead replacement wire for 4PIN BioModulator® port for use with the scalp, pencil and large body tissue electrode.
Small BioModulator® Carry Case
Slightly padded, standard black canvas case with a belt loop and a Velcro pocket in front for extra batteries and wires.
Tennant BioTransducer® CrystalWave
BioTransducer® CrystalWave is a hand-held accessory that emits electromagnetic pulses to deliver a no-touch treatment through clothing.
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