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ODOROX Slimline
ODOROX Slimline The Slimline unit is finely tuned to treat bacteria, allergens, viruses, and chemicals commonly associated with Sick Building Syndrome. The unit is ideal for medical offices, long- term-care facility usage, commercial offices, and residential homes or apartments. The unit is designed to decontaminate up to a 1500 sq. ft. of space.  The variable speed, built-in fan is adjustable from approximately 100 to 400 cfm and operates using only 1.7 Amps.     NOTE: All drop ship orders are signature required and insured. If an item is damaged in shipping, it will be replaced at the manufacturer’s cost and claim filed with the carrier. Call the 800 # on the shipping label to coordinate a replacement. A warranty invoice ($0 value) resets the warranty period on the replacement item and will be emailed to customer for proof of purchase / warranty date coverage. This item is a SPECIAL ORDER and is NON returnable and NON refundable. Please call 866.514.8221 to place an order for this item. Color *  -- Please Select --   Black   Beige                         Type a description for this product here...
Mini Personal Harmonizer
pH Prescription Shower Head
pH Prescription Shower Head Refill Cartridge
pH Prescription Alkaline Counter Top System
pH Prescription Alkaline Counter Top Refill
Healing is Voltage™ - The Handbook, 3rd Edition
eZZi-Lift™ Cosmetic System
Healing is Voltage™ - Healing Eye Diseases
Healing is Voltage™ - The Textbook
The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution
MEAD 20 - Meridian Energy Analysis Device
MEAD PRO - Meridian Energy Analysis Device
Iodine. Why You Need It.
MEAD 100 - Meridian Energy Analysis Device
Water Management System
The Miracle of Natural Hormones
Salt Your Way to Health
PhoneSoap XL - Medical Grade Sanitizing
The Root Cause (DVD) [2018]
Pneuma Nitric Oxide™ Skin Serum
Thera360 Plus Portable Sauna
The Guide to Gluten-Free Diet
Overcoming Thyroid Disorders
Overcoming Thyroid Disorders by Dr. Brownstein is a book about safe and effective natural therapies to help the body heal itself.
Root Canal Cover Up
Root Canal Cover Up by Dr. George Meinig discusses finding out that hidden bacteria in teeth cause side effects that can endanger a patient's life
Vitamin B-12 for Health
Vitamin B-12 for Health by Dr. Brownstein will show you the many benefits of using natural, bio-identical forms of B-12 and how you can achieve your optimal health.
Let The Tooth Be Known
Let The Tooth Be Known by Dawn Ewing is a book about the key links between oral and systemic health.
Healing is Voltage™ - Cancer’s On/Off Switches
Healing is Voltage™ - Cancer's On/Off Switches is a book by Dr. Tennant with groundbreaking information on how cancer occurs.
Rescued By My Dentist: New Solutions to a Health Crisis
This book explains how dentistry is directly related to a patient's health problems.
Mini Personal Harmonizer x 4
Portable multipurpose unit designed to neutralize EMFs.
Cell Shield
Electromagnetic Radiation Neutralizer that fits all phones without affecting performance.
1 Coil Total Shield
1 Coil Multipurpose unit is designed to neutralize Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and/or Geopathic Stress.
pHPrescription Under Sink Alkaline Water Filtration System
The Premium 6-Stage System utilizes first-class technology to rid drinking water of impurities.
2 Coil Total Shield
2 Coil Multipurpose unit designed to neutralize Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and/or Geopathic Stress.
3 Coil Total Shield
3 Coil Multipurpose unit designed to neutralize Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and/or Geopathic Stress
The Guide to Healthy Eating
The Guide to Healthy Eating will teach you which foods have health benefits, which foods you should avoid, and how to make better choices for the entire family.
pHPrescription Whole House Filtration System Combo Unit + RO1000
The Whole House Alkaline Water Purification System filters the entire house. This unit removes VOCs, heavy metals and fluoride. The RO1000 filter provides additional water purification + alkalinization.
The Statin Disaster
4 Coil Total Shield
1 Coil Multipurpose unit is designed to neutralize Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and/or Geopathic Stress.
AirSrubber Air Purifier - White

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