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H2 True - Molecular Hydrogen Tablets
Gold Standard Organic Sulfur
Fungal Detox
Tennant RESTORE™ Professional Formula - Vanilla
Raw Materials® - Basic Formula - Capsules
Neo 40 Professional 60 ct
Tennant RESTORE™ Professional Veggie Formula
Diatomaceous Earth
Germ Defense Spray
Crown-Base – Liver, Gallbladder, Anger
Lugol's Iodine Solution 2%
Lugol's Iodine Plus - Capsules
Lugol’s Iodine Plus (capsules) helps transport iodine to all of the cells of the body along with all 74+ macro & micro trace minerals and elements naturally carried by Fulvic Acid. Lugol's Iodine Plus also includes important elements necessary for proper iodine absorption such as Selenium and Zinc
Three Gifts Essential Oil
Soreness Essential Oil
Helichrysum Blend Essential Oil
Magnesium Malate
Microbiome Support (previously GI UltraMAX Pro®)
Lithium Orotate 5mg Mineral Supplement
Activated Bamboo Charcoal
Pelvis KI/BL - Fear
Sweet Dreams Essential Oil
Clove Essential Oil
Clove Essential Oil
Neck LU/LI - Grief
Neck LU/LI - Grief is a BioTerminal® oil that provides essential oils to help facilitate health in the neck and to help reduce feelings of grief.
Breath of Life
Breath of Life Essential Oils has been used to assist in respiratory-related issues and creates a feeling of well-being and renewed optimism.
Advanced ProBiotic Formula (Formerly Healthy Gut Pro)
Healthy Gut Pro-B (Probiotic) helps support a healthier GI system.
Head PC/TB - Irritability
Head PC/TB is a BioTerminal® oil that provides essential oils to help facilitate head health and to help reduce feelings of irritability.
Liver Detox Tea Oil
Liver Detox Tea is a specifically designed proprietary blend of 100% pure, premium, therapeutic grade essential oils to help support and detox the liver.
Brain Food - Nutrients for Cognitive Focus
Part of the Dr. Tennant Cellular Nutritional Program to provide your brain with the nutrients it needs for cognitive focus and mental acuity.
Germ Defense Essential Oil 4 oz
The Bug Defense essential oil blend is high in anti-microbial properties and can help to protect the body against illness.
Frankincense Essential Oil helps stimulate and elevate the mind and is also a valuable ingredient in skincare products for aging and dry skin.
Corydalis is a centuries-old remedy from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that may be helpful for pain or Fibromyalgia symptoms.
Chest HT/SI - Sorrow/Joy
Chest HT/SI is a BioTerminal® oil that provides essential oils to help facilitate health in the chest and to help reduce feelings of sorrow while promoting the feelings of joy.
Orange Essential Oil
This orange essential oil brings peace and happiness to the mind. Rich in powerful antioxidant d-limonene and aids in maintaining normal cellular regeneration.
Tennant Family RESTORE™ - Vanilla
Dr. Tennant's RESTORE™ has select vitamins and essential nutrients appropriate for the entire family, while still delivering 22 grams of veggie protein.
Abdomen SP/ST - Worry
Abdomen SP/ST reduces feelings of worry and are made with a proprietary blend of 100% pure, premium, therapeutic grade essential oils.
Fulvic Super-Concentrate (formerly 400x)
400X contains a higher concentration of minerals and elements than the 100% Best Fulvic and is used for heavy metal detoxing.
BioTerminal® Complete Set of 6 oils w/Case
Set of 6 BioTerminal® Essential Oils and Carrying Case.
Raw Materials® LIQUID – Basic Formula - Concentrate
By combining concentrated Humic and Fulvic, nature's most powerful electrolytes, Raw Materials® facilitates cell recharging and balancing to restore energy and vitality to promote optimal cell functions immediately.
Voltage Up
Dr. Tennant's Voltage Up is a potent Pancreatic and Systemic Enzymes and a Medicinal Mushroom Group – Immune Assist Micron™ (IAM) to support those with low voltage and chronic disease.
Adrenaline Support Formula
Herbal adrenal support including Tyrosine, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 along with other vital ingredients to support healthy adrenals!
Herbal Voltage
A proprietary blend of plants and herbs that Dr. Tennant has selected with a long history of increasing voltage.
Adrenal Desiccated
Adrenal Desiccated is for supporting lowered adrenal function.
Digestive Enzymes
Dr. Tennant’s Digestive Enzymes Formula is a full-spectrum, professional-strength product with 27 powerful, high-potency digestive enzymes designed to support maximum digestive activity for a full range of foods.
Brain Food + (Plus)
Lavender Essential Oil
Clove Essential Oil
Tennant RESTORE™ Professional Formula - Strawberry
Tennant RESTORE™ Professional Formula - Chocolate
Dr. Tennant's® Restore 5-serving Travel Size - Vanilla
Essential Oils Carry Case

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